IMG_6399Starting and running your own business can be very tough and many new businesses have folded up simply because of a lack of proper mentorship and support system. Well, there’s good news for you, especially if you’re interested in the following industries;
1. Entertainment
2. Skin Care and Beauty
3. Fashion
4. Food and Hospitality
5. Event Management and Wedding Decoration.
The good news is that you can meet mentors and teachers in your industry of interest and engage them one on one(masterclasses) while also listening to them talk about the mistakes they made and how you can avoid them. Experience is a great teacher but you can also learn from those who have been in the industry for much longer than you have.


1. Are you interested in starting and running a business in the Skincare and Beauty Industry? Are you cash strapped and unable to pay hefty sums of money to get extensive and adequate training? Then we’ve got good news for you! Duchess Roselyn Nyiam is a UK certified skin care practitioner and CEO of Cianafresh Skin Care. She is the brain behind the glowing and healthy skin tone of former BBN Naija 1st runner up and celebrity Bisola Aiyeola
Her specialty is Natural Skin Care and she is a strong advocate for making the world a greener and healthier place by using less of chemicals and more of natural ingredients and products.
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2. Are you interested in the Fashion Design and Clothing industry? Do you want to be known in the industry for your breathtaking and outstanding creations? Would you like an opportunity to be mentored by a thought leader in the industry? The good news is that Derin Fabikun @fablanebyderin has graciously agreed to sign up as masterclass teacher for the event ‘STARTING AND RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS: the pros and cons. Derin Fabikun is a celebrity fashion designer and CEO of Fablane by Derin. She has created outstanding designs for celebrities like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, MimiOnalaja, Zina Anumudu, Bolanle Olukanni, Ini Dinma Okojie, to mention but a few.
Her breathtaking designs have brought her fame and credibility in an industry that is know for being so competitive. She believes in helping others and giving back to the society.
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3. Are you passionate about Event planning and Wedding Decoration? Would you like to learn from someone who is an accomplished and recognised icon in the industry? Then you’re in luck because we will be having the very dynamic and delectable event planner extraordinaire, Maria Pamella Nwonu.
Maria Pamela Nwonu is the CEO of the award winning Events Planning company, Nwando’s Signatures @nwandossignatureevents . She is especially popular for the fairytale and magical ambience she brings to her events and weddings. Indeed, she is a true sage in the industry and a great advocate for work-personal life balance #events #weddings #eventplanner #entertainmentindustry #lammysentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness #motivation #training #masterclasses #mentorship #networking #weddingplanning #weddings #weddingblog #eventplanner


4. Is film making a passion of yours? Would you like to learn how to generate and create scripts and movies that trend? Do you want an opportunity to be personally mentored and trained by a thought leader in the Entertainment and Movie industry? The exciting news is that Biodun Stephen @biodunstephen the brain behind the presently trending movie, PICTURE PERFECT, has graciously accepted to be masterclass teacher at our event themed ‘STARTING AND RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS:the pros and cons. Biodun Stephen Oladigbo is the Creative Director of Shutterspeed Project. An AMVCA award winner, she is also an entrepreneur, a writer, a film maker and an On-Air Personality with Rainbow 94.1 Fm, where she presents a programme called Whispers every Saturday morning. Some of her impressive works include The Visit, which won an AMVCA award in 2015, Picture Perfect, Ovy’s voice, Tiwa’s Baggage and many more #nollywood #movies #pictureperfect #training #masterclasses #entrepreneurs #motivation #inspiration #skillacquisition #practicalskills #mentorship #networking #movieindustry #scriptwriting #entertainment #entertainmentindustry #lammysentrepreneurs #lammysays


5. Would you like to learn how to run a restaurant profitably in Nigeria? Are you passionate about the food, baking and catering industry? Would you like to be taught by a qualified, skilled and experienced expert in the industry?
With over 10 years experience as a baker and a graduate of the International Culinary Center New York, Mrs Dorcas Okobi is the ideal person to take you through this new and exciting journey. She is the CEO of Infusion Cakes and Cafe @infusioncakesng and Infusion Cleaning Services @infusioncleaningservices
A seasoned entrepreneur and coach, she believes strongly in giving back to the society and helping those who are in need

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5. Roklove Solutions

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I’M TAKING OFF THE MASK….it’s okay not to be okay

Is it okay not to be okay?

Aren’t you just tired of the pressure from our society to always be okay? I mean, we smile and pretty up our faces with loads of make up when sometimes all we want to do is go somewhere quiet and cry.

Is it okay to look into another person’s face sometimes and say, ‘No, I’m not okay, No, I don’t want your pity, I just don’t feel like pretending and it sucks that you act as though you have your own life together when you don’t. If you were a bit more open about what is really going on with you, maybe I won’t feel like such an idiot for not being okay’.

Why can’t we all be honest with each other once in a while. Social media is so irritating when it comes to this. Sometimes you don’t want to post your best pictures and you don’t want to use a proper caption. You just want to say it as it really is and hope someone somewhere will understand and maybe empathise. But that doesn’t happen, because everybody is so busy pretending. But the joke is on us! Life is short, the people we try so hard to impress are not half as important as we think they are. They’re just humans with their own problems, heartaches and headaches as well. I dare you to take off that mask and tell me what is really happening with you.


This sounds a bit strange doesn’t it?  I’m just saying that it’s okay to be broken, hurt, discouraged, sad, unmotivated, etc. It’s okay! Don’t try to pretend or cover it up. What we need to do is to deal with it. Yes, we’ve got to deal  with all the negativity boiling through us every now and then because when we don’t, we end up hurting not only ourselves but others too.
Anyway, I really hope I’m not the kind of person who makes people feel as if they have to be okay all the time.
I hope that when people come around me, they can instinctively tell that with me, it’s okay not to be okay.
I hope they know that they don’t have to pretend or put up any airs.

Life is short folks. Pretending is boring and honesty is much more exciting and liberating. So tell me, are you okay? Do you need someone to cry with you? Do you want to talk about it? If you don’t, then it’s alright. But if you do, then baby, I’m all ears….. Continue reading “I’M TAKING OFF THE MASK….it’s okay not to be okay”



We walked this road
‘Cross this path
We sang these words
But only a lifetime ago

Your eyes would dance
And mine would blink
Once, twice three times
Yes, we’ve all been here before.

Shrubs a vivid green
Roses a vibrant red
Lilles and violets
More of all things pretty

Love could never trifle
With what was pure and simple
Pride had never fumbled
In matters of heart so humble

Once, twice, three times
Yes, we’ve all been here before
Shut your eyes to see
Youre back again with Eve.